High Temperature SMB system 

Simulated moving bed chromatography unit for high temperature operations (eg. SMBR), developed in-house

Max temperature (oven): 120°C

Max Pressure: 500 psi

Max flow rates: 100 mL/min


SMB system Octave 100 from Semba Biosciences

This simulated moving bed (SMB) sytem is suitable for bioseparations, as all flow paths are made of metal-free materials. The independent binary pneumatic valves allow flexible operations.




SMB system from Knauer

This SMB system is equipped with six pumps and four rotary valves (one for column rotation and three for injection point switching) which allows flexible operations, as well as two photo diode array detectors.




HPLC system (analytical and prep), Shimadzu

This system has three pumps for both analytical and prep operations, as well as a photo diode array detector.



Gas Chromatography system, Shimadzu