We appreciate your interest in our group. If you have any questions concerning our research group such as our research activities, plans, and publications, please feel free to contact us.



About Georgia Tech and the city of Atlanta


Georgia Tech ranks No.6 in Best Engineering Schools, US News & World Report 2015 for all Engineering graduate schools throughout the US. It allows close interactions with many world-class academic/industrial researchers. Our campus is located in the city of Atlanta which offers a high quality of metropolitan life with very reasonable living cost.


Postdoc positions available 

Currently no postdoc position is available. Please check this webpage later. Thanks for you interest. 


Prospective graduate students

Please note that in the United States, student recruiting is done very differently from that in Europe and in Asia; all graduate applicants send their application package to the Graduate Admission Office first. After being admitted to our graduate program, all admitted graduate students will have a chance to talk with potential advisors to decide which group to join. Therefore, it is the Graduate Admission Office who accepts your application, not our research group.


If you have any specific questions in preparing your application package, please contact our Admission Office:


We wish you the best of luck with your graduate application. Thanks again for your interest.


Georgia Tech undergraduate student research

All openings will be annouced through the ChBE Interacitve on T-Square, which will be emailed to all students. Please keep an eye on them if you are interested.



Our group does not have any support program for interns. We may be able to work with you if you have external financial support, such as the SURE pogram: