From Left:

Hector Rubiera, Pranav Vengsarkar, Jungmin Oh, Shan Tie, Daniel Griffin, Anshuman Sinha, Trisha Sen, Dr. Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Siwei Guo, Jayashree Kalyanaraman



Lab Highlights:

Fall 2017

  • Talk: AIChE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis: S. Guo, H. Rubiera


Summer 2017

  • Ph.D. Defense: Shan Tie. Congratulations!
  • Talk: PREP 2017 in Philadelphia, S. Tie.


Spring 2017

  • Kawajiri group welcomes a new postdoc, Krishna Jayachandrababu. 
  • Ph.D. Defense: Jayashree Kalyanaraman. Congratulations!
  • Youngjo Kim successfully passed Ph.D. Qualifying Exam. Congratulations!


Fall 2016

  • Ph.D. Defense: Jungmin Oh. Congratulations! 
  • Daniel Griffin received AIChE Separations Division Graduate Student Research Award. Congratulations!
  • Kawajiri group welcomes two new PhD students, Youngjo Kim and Matt McDonald, and postdoc Wun-Gwi Kim.
  • Talks: AIChE Meeting in San Francisco, H. Rubiera, D. Griffin, A. Sinha, T. Sen, Y. Kawajiri


Summer 2016

  • Ph.D. Defense: Daniel Griffin. Congratulations! 
  • Talk and Poster: Fundamentals of Adsorption in Friedrichshafen, Germany, J. Oh and S. Tie
  • Talk and Poster: PREP 2016 in Philadelphia, P. Vengsarkar and S. Guo
  • Dr. Kawajiri appointed as director of Specialty Separations Center
  • Invited Talk: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Y. Kawajiri


Spring 2016

  • Kawajiri group welcomes new postdoc, Hector Rubiera.
  • Successful qualifying exam by Trisha Sen


Fall 2015

  • Kawajiri group welcomes new group members, Trisha Sen (PhD student) and Pranav Vengsarkar (Postdoc)
  • Talks: AIChE Meeting in Salt Lake City, S. Tie, J. Oh, D. Griffin, A. Sinha
  • Invited Talk: Dow Chemical, Y. Kawajiri
  • Invited Talk: Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Y. Kawajiri


Summer 2015

  • Talk and poster: PREP 2015 in Philadelphia, S Tie, B. Sreedhar, H. Li, Y. Kawajiri
  • Invited Talks: YMC Co. LTD in Kyoto, Japan, and Kansai Universiy in Japan, Y. Kawajiri


Spring 2015

  • Ph.D. Defense. Huayu Li. Currently working at AbbVie in North Chicago, IL. 
  • Dr. Kawajiri has been approved for promotion to Associate Professor and tenure from Fall 2015.
  • Shan Tie and Jungmin Oh received poster awards at Graduate Student Symposium.
  • Dr. Pakkapol Kanchanalai successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Kanchanalai!
  • Anshuman Sinha and Shan Tie received the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.


Fall 2014

  • Invited talk: SPICA 2014, Basel, J. Bentley, B. Sreedhar, G. Agrawal, Y. Kawajiri
  • Invited talk: Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, Y. Kawajiri
  • Kawajiri Group welcomes new Ph.D. Student, Tristan Kernick
  • Talks, AIChE Meeting in Atlanta: J. Kalyanaraman, J. Oh, S. Tie, B. Sreedhar, G. Agrawal, C. Yuan, D. Griffin, H. Li

Summer 2014

  • Ph.D. Defense. G. Agrawal, Congratulations!
  • Invited seminar: Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan, Y. Kawajiri
  • Talk: Joint Congress of ACTS-2014 and CGOM11, Nara, Japan; Li, Kawajiri, Grover, Rousseau
  • Talks and poster: PREP in Boston, MA: B. Sreedhar, G. Agrawal, Y.Kawajiri

Spring 2014:

  • Successsful PhD qaualifying exams by Shan Tie, Anshuman Sinha and Siwei Guo
  • Talk: 38th Actinide Separations Conference: B. Sreedhar

Fall 2013

Summer 2013

  • Poster: PREP 2013, G. Agrawal, B. Sreedhar  and Y. Kawajiri
  • Talk: FOA2013,  G. Agrawal, B.Sreedhar and Y. Kawajiri

Spring 2013

  • Ph.D. Defense. Jason Bentley. Congratulations!
  • Successful PhD proposals by Dan Griffin and Jungmin Oh
  • Outstanding Ph.D proposal award (2013), ChBE, Georgia Tech: Gaurav Agrawal
  • Best oral presentation award (third place), Graduate Research Symposium 2013, ChBE, Georgia Tech: Gaurav Agrawal

Fall 2012

  • Successfull completion of PhD by Jason Bentley
  • Kawajiri group welcomes Dr. Baochun Shen, visiting faculty, Kunming Medical University
  • Talk: AIChE Annual Meeting 2012, Pittsburgh, PA, J. Bentley and Y. Kawajiri
  • Talk: AIChE Annual Meeting 2012, Pittsburgh, PA, H. Li and Y. Kawajiri 
  • Talk: SPICA 2012, Brussels, Belgium, Y. Kawajiri and J. Bentley 
  • Kawajiri group welcomes PostDoc Dr. Subramanian Swernath

Summer 2012

  • Best poster award (second place) at PREP 2012, Cambridge, MA: B. Sreedhar, D. T. Hobbs and Y. Kawajiri
  • Poster: PREP 2012, G. Agrawal and Y. Kawajiri
  • Poster: PREP 2012, B. Sreedhar, D. T. Hobbs and Y. Kawajiri
  • Talk: PREP 2012, B. Sreedhar and Y. Kawajiri
  • Dr. Kawajiri received the W. David Smith Jr. Graduation Publication Award
  • Talk: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan, Dr. Kawajiri
  • Talk: PBAST-6 Pacific Basin Adsorption Conference, Taiwan, Dr. Kawajiri

Fall 2011

  • Kawajiri group welcomes Ph.D. students Jungmin Oh and Dan Griffin